The Six Survivors...

Dr. Masakazu Fujii

   Dr. Masakazu Fujii runs a prosperous private hospital overlooking a river.

Before the Bomb

   Dr. Fujii wakes up early in the morning, earlier than usual, to take his friend to the train station. When he returns home, he sits on his porch reading his newspaper in his underwear.

During the Bomb

   When the bomb hits ground zero, Dr. Fujii is flung into the river and his private hospital is toppled.

Shortly After the Bomb

   Dr. Fujii is slightly injured. He was unconscious for about twenty minutes and has landed in the river next to his hospital, which had been destroyed. He realized the tide will be coming in and once it does his head will be under it. He frees himself and runs the piling of the river bank. He then feels the heat of the fire and runs back into the water and waits for the water to die down. After awhile he then goes, with several nurses, to his parents house. 

Years After the Bomb

   Dr. Fujii rebuilds his clinic in 1948. He travels to New York with the Hiroshima Maidens, unmarried young female burn victims who require plastic surgery. In 1963, he is found unconscious with a heater leaking gas into his bedroom. He is taken to the hospital, and after a few weeks of apparent recovery, he suddenly lapses into a coma. He remains helpless and unresponsive until he dies in 1973.