The Six Survivors...

Miss Toshiko Sasaki

   Miss Toshiko Sasaki was a clerk in the personnel department of the East Asia Tin Works. She works to support her brother and parents.

Before the Bomb

   Miss Sasaki was sitting down at her desk in the East Asia Tin Works. She turns to chat for a moment with the girl who works beside her, and as she turns her head from the window, the room is filled with a blinding flash.

During the Bomb

   Once the bomb dropped, the ricochet of the bomb caused Miss Sasaki to fling back to a bookcase having it fall forward on her, breaking her leg and crushing her with piles of books. The ceiling of her work, plus the people on the floor above her, falls into her work space, crushing many people.

Shortly After the Bomb

   Miss Sasaki is unconscious for three hours. She awakes because she hears people being. She was dragged out of her work building by a man who then took her to a lean-to where two other horribly wounded people were. Miss Sasaki had a badly cut, broken leg. She lies there, helpless and alone, for two days until her friends come and find her. They tell her that her mom, dad, and brother are all dead. She is then put on a ship and lies in the sun all day despite her high fever, which she has had for awhile. Eventually she goes to see a fracture specialist from Kobe.

Years after the Bomb

   Miss Sasaki works in an orphanage for some time and has three operations to help repair her leg, which never fully recovers. She also becomes a nun. Her nun name was Sister Dominique Sasaki. She has a distinguished career and travels around the world. In 1980 she is honored at a dinner in Tokyo and in her speech she declares that she had been given a “spare life” when she survived the atomic bomb and she vows to “keep moving forward.”