The Six Survivors...

Dr. Terufumi Sasaki


   Dr. Sasaki is an idealistic surgeon at the Red Cross Hospital. He is not related to Miss Toshiko Sasaki.

Before the Bomb

   That morning he had taken an earlier train than usual because he could not sleep (based on the location and timing of the blast, he would have been killed on his normal train).

During the Bomb

   Dr. Sasaki is standing one step away from an open window. He is the only doctor in the hospital who is uninjured, and he immediately goes about helping those around him.

Shortly After the Bomb

   Dr. Sasaki realizes that he is unhurt and goes to grab bandages from the storeroom of the Red Cross Hospital and starts to help people.

Years After the Bomb
      Dr. Sasaki spends most of his time at the Red Cross Hospital dealing with keloids (red, rubbery scars that grow over the bad burns). He quits the hospital and eventually sets up a private clinic in Mukaihara. However, tragedy strikes Dr. Sasaki’s life. In 1963, he nearly dies when he has an operation to remove one of his lungs, which goes awry. In 1972, his wife dies of breast cancer. He uses the success of his clinic to build bigger and better medical facilities.